Zeus Finance
Zeus Finance - Yield Farming Optimiser On The Binance Smart Chain

What is Zeus Gold (ZGOLD) ?

ZGOLD is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain capable of generating a frictionless yield for holders. ZGOLD has a 6% charge on every transaction. 4% is distributed to ZGOLD token holders in the form of BNB through our boosted rewards pools, 2% is burnt forever. Pancakeswap is the biggest decentralised exchange on the Binance Smart Chain. The ZGOLD token allows users to earn a passive yield by simply holding tokens in our boosted rewards pool and allows for a constant price increase due to the burn, causing the token supply to become more and more scarce over time. The ZGOLD token also acts as our primary governance token, allowing holders in the near future to control the path this protocol takes. ZGOLD votes outweigh ZSILV votes by a 100/1 margin. For example if 2000 ZGOLD tokens are used to vote against a proposal and 10,000 ZSILV tokens are used to vote in agreement with a proposal, the ZGOLD votes win.

What Is Zeus Silver (ZSILV) ?

ZSILV is the native token of the Zeus Finance yield optimiser. ZSILV is paid as a reward for deposits on specific vaults (not all). The ZSILV token does not come with any transaction fees. The ZSILV token also acts as a governance token in our ZeusDAO, allowing holders to control the path of the protocol. ZSILV tokens can be staked to generate more ZSILV tokens!

What is Zeus Finance?

Zeus Finance is a decentralised finance protocol on the Binance Smart Chain with a myriad of products with smart tokenomics designed to . enhance yield generation and keep our token supplies down. Zeus Finance has 3 main products, including a yield optimiser, a stableswap and a NFT market. However separate to our roadmap, we have some cool other features coming like custom charts for pancakeswap, allowing users to buy and sell with limit orders and a DEX aggregator to enable the smartest routing for a token swap. We plan to become a one stop defi shop.
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